nlPRO films | WHY US
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Why Us?

We provide a personalised and excellent service for our customers and we are committed to your success. With our creativity and efficiency we provide real value for money – high quality results at a low cost in a competitive market. Our experienced crew and quality equipment make nlPRO films a great choice for you. Our success within Cyprus has also allowed us to expand and take our expertise to an international level, attracting customers and productions around the world. Based in Cyprus, we know how to exploit the Mediterranean scenery and our knowledge of the history and natural beauty of Cyprus enables us to provide our customers with excellent photography for their production needs.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is an ideal filming location thanks to its good and consistent weather – an average of 300 sunny days a year. The island offers stunning photography with its varied landscape ranging from mountainous areas covered with forests and waterfalls, dry plains and salt lakes, to its 648km of coastline – offering both spectacular sandy beaches as well as rugged cliffs jutting out of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. Sitting at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus is steeped in history and has bustling cities, picturesque villages and archaeological sites providing classic and historical scenery ideal for filming locations. As for modern locations, Cyprus has a well developed infrastructure and a high quality of life offering modern architecture, luxurious hotels and restaurants, meeting the demands of more extravagant sets. Also with its relatively small size of 9,240 km² and good road network, locations in Cyprus are easy to access. Cyprus is an EU member state and most major European airlines have daily flights to Larnaca or Paphos, the two Cypriot airports. Cyprus is also a great base to visit and film in Greece, Egypt, Israel and other neighbouring Middle Eastern countries. As a well known company, nlPRO films has established contacts and relationships and can easily secure filming licenses and agreements across the country, making Cyprus a perfect filming location all year round.