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About Us


The variety of projects that the companies expertise were involved gives to the company a steady speed of expansion.

nlPRO films was founded in 2015 in Cyprus. It has grown to become one of the most respected names in film and television production in the South East Mediterranean, servicing international film and TV productions from its own beginning.

nlPRO Films was founded by Mr. Costas Christoforou, whose experience and well established name in the market brought the company at a high range of success before it even started. Having a good worldwide network and contacts he gains people’s trust and wins the competition.

Our clientele is mostly TV channels like, ANT1, MEGA, SIGMA , RIK and many other around the world.


He is the founder and managing director of nIPRO films. He is a director whose experience has been focused on television for the last 25 years. However, he has been specializing as a producer in television production since 2001 and his company offers great success at small and big screen. He believes in his cooperators and always supports them by receiving respect and honor. He always treats every new project with professionalism and special care and the success is due to this.

She has been fascinated by this field since the first moment. She has always wanted to be the first one and make the difference. Maria studied Marketing and started as a marketing executive and in the meantime she succeeded in being an executive producer in nIPRO films. She is the person responsible for the choice and creation of each project  before its final release. She achieves all her targets because of her vision and hard work.

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